Sensible Traveling

The impact with the hull rattled Bradbury’s false teeth. “Will you stop the infernal racket, Dominic?”

“Sorry sir, but them bicycles, sir, I keep tripping over them. If I just finish settin’ this mount in the overhead, we could get ‘em out the — “

“Bicycles, bicycles. I told you packing them was a fool’s idea.”

Dominic opened his mouth, slammed it shut, then cleared his throat. “Sir, I actually think it was you who insisted we bring — “

“Just look out there.” Bradbury waved to the nearest porthole. “Who rides a bike in the middle of space?”

Dominic cleared his throat again. “Um, I think Dee does sir.”

“What?” Bradbury turned to look outside, and they both watched in silence while Dee floated by on the blue bicycle. She pedaled like a mad thing. The old scientist harrumphed. “You, Dominic, are the only sensible person aboard this boat.”

“Aye, sir. I try.”

Submission for Flash! Friday – Vol 2 – 16.
Prompt: The picture below with a required incorporation of space travel


Girls Night

“You want a what?” I twisted my yellowing over-dyed hair into a knot and secured it with a pair of pencils.

“Cupcake vodka, with Limoncello, and a twist of lemon for garnish.”

“Here.” I passed her a slice of lemon poundcake and poured a splash of vodka over the top.

“That’s disgusting, Lu.”

“Well it’s the best you’re gonna get, because I don’t have all the rest of that crap.” I grabbed a cold beer for myself.

Ella scrunched up her nose but shoved the cake in her mouth just the same. “Who is it tonight?”

“Jogger. He runs alone. Passes in front around 10PM.”

“So what’s the plan?”

“He thinks he’s safe in the dark, what with being a man.” I knocked back a good half my beer and belched. “He heads to the park and runs off track into the wooded area. No idea why. But good cover for us.”

“Simple and clean.” Ella picked up her duffle. “Got fresh empty blood bags. Small ice chest for the organs. Better organ preservation bags, since the last one leaked. Oh, and refills of Celsior solution.”

“Excellent.” I strapped on my knives, downed the rest of the beer, and tossed the can across the room into recycling. “Two points! Now let’s go get the man.”

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Submitted for Thursday Threads, Week 114: The Weird, the Wild, and the Wicked.
Required Phrase: “Go get the man”
Placed: First!

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