Taming The Wolf

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I’d Rather Be In Alaska

“Soooo, I think the cherry juice ground into the carpet over here is going to be a problem.” Jack’s oversized t-shirt slipped off my shoulder as I created a bigger, redder, blob with my sponge. “How did it even get over here? The cherries are on the night stand.”

“Well,” Jack said, topless and precariously balanced on the headboard. “Maybe they stuck to one of us on that tumble to the shower. Dammit!” I looked up to see him rubbing his head. The ornery curtain rod once again hung diagonally across the window.

“Serves you right. It was your bright idea to use the curtains for restraints.

“Seemed like a good idea at the time.”

“So did an afternoon romp in my parent’s bed, and look how that turned out. I’m not sure that wood glue is really going to hold that bedpost together like we hoped.”

Jack looked around the room, hesitating at the drywall tape, spackle, and putty knife I’d hauled up from the basement. “Yeah, let’s do this – you get online and search for affordable plane tickets to Alaska. I’ll see how much room I have on my credit card.”

“Deal.” I tossed the sponge in the wastebasket on my way out. “If we’re lucky, we’ll be halfway over Montana before they’re home.”

Submitted for Thursday Threads, Week 122.
Required Phrase: “Let’s Do This”

Sci Spanks Author Chats

During Sci Spanks, there will be author chats on Facebook each day. There is a Facebook event for this, but I only want to invite folks who might be interesed. Because I hate spam as much as you.

So let me know if you want an invite. If you’d rather private message me about this, totally cool. Use this contact thingie, so I don’t have to post my email here for all the spambots (see above, re: spam): Talk To Me, People

My slot is on the last day. Below is the tentative (subject to change!) schedule for all author chats. More times may be added.

All times are in EDT. EDT stands for Eastern Daylight (Saving) Time, aka New York time. It’s also known as UTC-4. The easiest way to keep track of EDT is to google “New York time now.”

Wednesday 6/25:
Maren Smith (12-2PM)
Kate Richards (9 PM)
Carole Cummings (10 PM)
Cathy Pegau (11PM)

Thursday 6/26:
Eve Langlais (9 PM)
Anastasia Vitsky (10 PM)
Leigh Ellwood (11 PM)

Friday 6/27:
Jessica E Subject (10 AM to noon)
Kathryn R. Blake (5 PM)
Eva Lefoy (9 PM)

Saturday 6/28:
Erzabet Bishop (Time TBD)

Sunday 6/29
Anne Ferrer Odom (Noon)
Olivia Starke (6 PM)

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