Let’s Be Pirates

Patrick leaned on the dock’s rail, looking through his hand telescope. “Jones is on the sandbar again.”

Ben squinted out over the water and snorted. “Dressed like a pirate?”


“Idjit. What kind of full-grown adults pretend to be swashbucklers for a Friday night of fun? And why the hell is he still out there this morning?”

“Waiting for you. Because you lost that bet. And Jones is tired of you turning your nose up at his gaming.”

“You aren’t making much sense, Sheriff.”

Patrick just smiled, scooped up the duffel at his feet, and tossed it over. “Fine coat and breeches. Cutlass. Fancy hat. Powdered wig.”

“Oh no. No no no. I am not — “

“You’re an officer in the East India Trading Company. Find your best British accent and go get Deputy Jones off the sandbar. It’s his day to buy donuts.”

144 words
Written for: Flash! Fiction
Required Concept: Arrogance
Photo Prompt:

Marooned, by Howard Pyle,  1909. Public Domain.

Marooned, by Howard Pyle, 1909. Public Domain.


“Lu. Cancer.” Ella held up the liver, and my stomach churned at the cottage cheese splotches.

“But he was a runner.”

“Runners get cancer, too. You didn’t research this guy?” She slapped the organ back in the cooler.

“He was a runner. Who can run miles every night with a liver that looks like that?”

“Apparently this guy. Butch won’t buy any of this stuff. He wouldn’t even feed this to his hounds, nevermind serving it to guests.”

“Well what are we going to do now? It’s not like we can take it back. ‘Oops, dead guy, we don’t need these after all. Have you got a cancer-free friend who won’t be missed?’ ” I grabbed a beer from the fridge and tossed another to Ella.

“We have to do another harvest.” Ella rolled the cool can across her forehead. Stress made her sweat.

“But the banquet is tomorrow.”

She flopped into the pub chair at my island, looked up at the ceiling, and wedged the cold beer behind her neck. “What about Danny?”

I narrowed my eyes. “What about Danny?”

“You had him tested before adding with benefits to your relationship, right? He’s clean.”

“I had him checked for STIs, not cancer. And he’s off the list. I need my benefits.”

“Screw your benefits, we need a set of organs before morning.” She pulled out her phone and slid it across the island. “Make your booty call.”

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Required Phrase: “Take it back”

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