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NEW! From Jessica E. Subject: An Alien To Love

An Alien to Love_500x750Say hello to July 1st! ThisWednesday is significantly superior to other Wednesdays because TODAY is the day you can finally get your hands on An Alien to Love. Like a little alien in your erotica? You’ll want to feast on this collection of five HOT 1Night Stand stories by Jessica E. Subject.

What do a librarian, a nurse, a director’s assistant, a housekeeper, and an orphan have in common? They all end up spending an evening with a gorgeous stranger. But, will one night lead to more, or will the women end up running away when they learn their sexy suitor comes from another planet?

Digital Boxed Set Contains: Celestial Seduction, Satin Sheets in Space, Another Night, Another Planet, His Alien Virgin, and Her Alien Hero.

To celebrate the release of AN ALIEN TO LOVE, and four years published, Jessica E. Subject is hosting a contest for a $25 e-gift certificate from or All Romance eBooks. Enter using the Rafflecopter widget placed below, or follow this link: I want to win!.

Please Note: Contest is international. No substitutions can be made. Must be 18 or over to enter. Void where prohibited by law. Good luck!

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Have a taste and get hooked with this extended Excerpt from Her Alien Hero, part of the An Alien to Love digital box set.

* * *

Filling in the never-ending online form, she told almost truths, though she may have left a few pounds off her weight. And her height may have included her high heels. When asked to describe her ideal man, she paused. In every story she wrote, her hero came from outer space, as she didn’t believe any good single men still existed on Earth. Women who already knew what they wanted in life had snatched them up in their twenties without exception. If only she’d been ready to get hitched at that age.

A sexy, hard-working man from another planet.

There! Let Madame Eve find her a man who fit her bizarre description. She tabbed to the next question before she could delete her words.

Melinda rushed through the rest of the questions and submitted her application. She glanced over at Lauren. “You done yet?”

“Yep.” Her friend bounced on the bed, releasing a high-pitched squeal. “I can’t wait to meet the guy Madame Eve sets me up with.”

“Me, too,” she lied. Though she had no doubt extraterrestrials existed somewhere in the wide expanse of the universe, they didn’t live on Earth and, therefore, could not be found for a 1Night Stand. Especially at such short notice. Her application would be rejected, leaving her worry free about another blind date. No money out of her pocket, and Lauren wouldn’t be hounding her all weekend about applying.

Melinda’s email tab blinked to show a new message. Her stomach rolled when she read the sender. She clicked over and opened an email from the owner of the matchmaking service. “I got a confirmation of receipt. Did you?”

Lauren sighed. “Yes. I thought she had arranged a date for me already, but I guess I was hoping for a lot, eh?”

“Considering she probably has several applications come in each day with all of those high-profile testimonials, I doubt we’ll hear anything until after the weekend.” Hopefully never, in her case.

While logged in, Melinda checked the rest of her inbox, deleting row after row of unimportant emails, nothing to take her mind off the numerous possible creeps she might be set up with. If, in fact, the woman found her a date. Maybe Madame Eve would set her up with a man who believed he came from another planet, one obsessed with space, the kind of guy her parents thought she wanted. They’d sweetly bought her a ticket for Fan Expo in Toronto last August, encouraging her to meet one. Epic fail. Dressed as Agent Carter, she’d had a guy claiming to be Captain America, wearing a beer case around his chest, stalk her the entire day.

In her other social media, a fan had mentioned being excited to meet her, a big squee in front with plenty of exclamation points. Such messages brightened her mood. Reader excitement fed her own and kept her muse’s ego soothed. She sent a quick reply. @LindaReads Looking forward to meeting you. I’ll be a Mad Hatter tonight. Be sure to find me. About to log off, Melinda noticed another message appear in her inbox. From Madame Eve again.

“Hey, did you receive a second confirmation?”

Lauren turned toward her, the side of her face scrunched in confusion. “No, did you?”

“I…I think so. Maybe.” Though the subjects were different. Your 1Night Stand the subject of the second said rather than Confirmation of receipt of 1Night Stand application.

“Let me see.” Lauren leaped from her bed to Melinda’s, not touching the floor on the way over.

Melinda waved her fingers over the touch pad. “There’s no way she could have found me a match already, or even read through everything I wrote. Should I click on it? I mean, what if it’s spam or a virus—I would lose all my stories.”

“Open it!” Lauren perched behind her, peering over her shoulder. “You backed up all your work before you left home, remember? Maybe Madame Eve predicted your application would come in today and is a speed reader. Who knows? Please don’t keep me waiting any longer.”

Hand vibrating from nerves, Melinda brought the pointer to the message, clicked, and read.

Bonjour Melinda,

I’ve been waiting a great deal of time for your application. I’ve had the perfect man for you all along. You will meet him at seven tonight in room 316 for dinner and an evening filled with whatever activities you choose. I have attached his photograph so you will know who you are meeting.


Madame Eve

Melinda’s lunch threatened to make a reappearance. This is all wrong. Her date had to be someone who believed himself an alien. No one else would match the description of her ideal man. Thank goodness she had a reason to cancel. “It’s not going to work tonight. I am having dinner with all of you, with my readers. I spent a lot of money on my Mad Hatter costume.”

Gripping her shoulder, Lauren squeezed. “Yes, I know, but you are going to skip it. No way I’m letting you pass on this opportunity. Besides, I’m sure your fans would love to read about how you met your happily-ever-after guy at a conference.” She clicked on the attachment. “Let’s see what this guy looks like.”

As the picture popped up on screen, they gasped, Melinda in pure shock.

“He’s hot.” Lauren leaned closer to the computer. “Look at those muscles. And such a strong jaw…. Wow! I’m so jealous. Can I pretend I’m you tonight?”

Melinda squinted at the screen, a headache developing in her temples. He wasn’t at all the man she’d expected to be matched up with. Not even a guy she’d expected to see again. “I know him. He’s my…. Oh God, I know him.”

* * *

Jessica E. Subject is the author of contemporary and science fiction romance, ranging from sweet to erotic. In her stories, you could meet clones, or a sexy alien or two. You may even be transported to another planet for a romantic rendezvous.

When Jessica isn’t reading, writing, or doing dreaded housework, she likes to get out and walk with her giant, hairy dog her family adopted from the local animal shelter.

Jessica lives in Ontario, Canada with her husband and two energetic children. And she loves to hear from her readers. You can find her at and on twitter @jsubject.

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Counting Sheep (Sci Spanks 2015)

Counting Sheep, the full story, will soon be available in the Sci Spanks 2015 Anthology – along with loads of other goodies. Comments on this post are from readers who were able to enjoy Counting Sheep when it was live. Want to know when the anthology is available? Subscribe to this blog to stay in the know.

Meanwhile, read Manuel and Ellory’s previous adventures:


Spare Parts

This is a story of Manuel the miscreant werewolf and his human mate, the intrepid inventor Ellory. They have made previous appearances in

In just two days, when Sci Spanks 2015 starts, Ellory and Manuel will be coming to you in their  newest adventure. Get yourself all set for Sci Spanks here: Play Sci Spanks 2015

Meanwhile, enjoy another morsel of time with Ellory and Manuel.


November 1863

As he stepped out of the carriage, Ellory glimpsed Manuel leaping from the roof of Elegance by the Yard to the roof of Pieces of Invention. One day, someone would catch him up there, and Manuel would have to explain why a gentleman of his position preferred traversing rooftops to traveling by carriage.

Ellory’s wolf mate needed another weekend away to run unfettered in his wolf form. He’d needed them more and more frequently of late. Maybe moving to London was a bad idea.

Pachelbel’s Canon blared Ellory’s entry when he opened the door to Pieces of Invention. The ceiling-mounted music horn vibrated under its own volume.

Mr. Plum!” Ellory shouted, slapping his hands over his ears. “What happened to the bells?

WHAT?” Came a voice from behind shelves overflowing with bins of metal tubing, gears in a massive array of sizes and weights, and some of the rarer tools an inventor might need.

Ellory sighed and meandered through the shelves toward the voice. By the time he reached the bins of metal in large flat sheets, Pachelbel’s Canon had come to its blissful conclusion.

“Mr. Plum?”

“Oh!” A portly man wearing a pair of magnifying goggles on his face and another set on his bald head popped up behind the sales counter. “Mr. Granger!” The older fellow twisted his hands in his apron. Nerves? No reason for those.

“I’ve come for the items that have been on order. I received notice they had arrived?” Sweat beaded on Mr. Plum’s forehead. Definitely nerves. “It seems something’s the matter. Was the notice in error?”

Mr. Plum hesitated and twisted his apron up so tightly Ellory feared it would tear. “Well, it’s like this, Mr. Granger. The Earl, he –”

Again?” The man had bought his last two orders out from under Ellory. “This is the third time, Mr. Plum. I am completely stalled on rebuilding the time machine without these parts. I thought we ordered extras to prevent this.”

“Well, y-yes, we did.” The small round man released his apron and mopped his head with a handkerchief. “The man he sent … he … he bought all three, sir.”

“How did he even know you had that many?”

The back door to the shop crashed open, making Ellory jump backward and forcing a strangled screech from the shopkeeper. A raggedy young man tumbled in and landed face-down and trembling on the floor. Manuel sauntered in behind him. “I expect he was informed by this young man. He was kind enough to tell me that his job is to listen at the window when you come in to place orders. I would like to maim him, but I suspected you would want to talk to him first.”

Ellory squatted down to the unwashed man at his feet. Or boy rather. “You work for the Earl, do you?”

“Please, sir,” the boy whined. “Don’t let him hurt me. He said he bites.”

Ellory looked up at Manuel, who shrugged. “It worked. We had a nice conversation.”

Shaking his head, Ellory turned his attention back to the boy. “He won’t lay a finger on you. You have my word. What do you know about the Earl and my orders?”

“Only that you aren’t supposed to get them, sir. And maybe he’s working on his own machine. Maybe he wants to be the only person with one of them machines.”

Manuel growled under his breath, but not low enough to keep the others from hearing. The boy pressed himself further into the floor with a whimper, and the shopkeeper disappeared beneath his sales counter.

Ellory sighed. “Enough. Put the boy back outside where you found him. We don’t want the Earl knowing he talked to us.”

“But –” Manuel started.

“No. No maiming. I gave my word.” Ellory rapped on the counter, and Mr. Plum peeked up over the edge. “Thank you for your time, Mr. Plum. We’ll be taking our leave now.”

Back in the carriage, Manuel grumbled. “I hate these things.”

Ellory sighed. “It’s a private place to talk. If the Earl is really spying on my work, I won’t be able to accomplish much, if anything, in a timely manner.”

Manuel just grunted.

“Very helpful, love. I believe London’s getting to you again. It’s only been a month since your last run.”

Manuel grunted again.

“You could run more often if you would just use the land and pastures outside the edges of London. Why must you wait until you can travel to Wales?”

“No matter how far I run, it smells like sweaty people, refuse, and factory smoke.”

“What does Wales smell like?”

“Ocean. Fresh grass. And sheep.”


“Sheep smell quite pleasant.”

“I never would have guessed.”

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