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NOW AVAILABLE: Sci Spanks 2015 Anthology – EBook and Paperback

Time to get your grubby little hands on the Sci Spanks 2015 Anthology. Why? REASONS:

  • You’ve never heard of Sci Spanks, but you like sizzling stories with a dash of shapeshifting, non-sparkly vampires, rippling muscles, chanting spells, or old-fashioned spy intrigue. Even better, you like M/F, F/F, M/M and menage stories at all heat levels. Mmmmm.
  • You missed the Sci Spanks event, and you are such a sad panda. You are jonesing to see what you missed.
  • You enjoyed the hell out of Sci Spanks, and you are drooling at the idea of all the additional expanded stories you get in the anthology.

This year’s anthology is available in both eBook and paperback.


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Sci Spanks 2015 – STARTS FRIDAY JUNE 12th!


Prizes, free stories from award-winning authors (including ME), and fun!

Would you like free stories, fun, and a chance to win up to $1,000 in prizes? This weekend, you can participate in a short story extravaganza! Award-winning authors of dystopian, paranormal, urban fantasy, speculative, and science fiction will showcase stories for your enjoyment. Chat with your favorite authors, meet new-to-you authors, find great new books, and meet new friends! Absolutely free!

How does it work?

  1. Register here
  2. Read – We’ll give you a list of links. You follow each one and read the FREE story you find there.
  3. Comment – After reading, leave a meaningful comment (i.e.: better than “Good story.”) responding to the story content. All comments must be made by Midnight EDT (UTC-5) Sunday, June 14
  4. Chat – Sunday afternoon, we’ll have a Facebook author chat. We’ll tell you how to get there – you just swing by and virtually meet the authors whose work you enjoyed.
  5. Win – You get a prize entry for every comment you make, and those entries make you eligible for every prize on the prize list. Some authors also give prizes on their individual blogs, so keep an eye out for that.

What can you win??

Guaranteed Prizes for First 20 Completionists

  • Vikings Fury by Saranna DeWylde to the first 20 people who visit and comment on *all* blog

Grand Prizes

  • Kindle Fire (or equivalent Amazon gift card) from Blushing Books
  • Signed print book of your choice from Leigh Ellwood
  • $25 gift card to etsy from Freya’s Bower
  • Love Spanks 2015 print anthology
  • Sci Spanks 2014 ebook anthology
  • $10 Amazon gift certificate from Siobhan Muir
  • Big Blue Valentine by Sue Lyndon – kindle copies for five winners
  • Owning His Bride by Sue Lyndon – Kindle copies for two winners

Book Bundles From

  • Book bundle from 4 Phase books
  • All Romance eBooks
  • Decadent Publishing – Beyond Fairytales

On my blog only, commenters have a chance to win a sheep t-shirt (it will all make sense soon, I promise):


Note: If you have completed a previous event (Love Spanks, Spank or Treat, last year’s Sci Spanks, etc), you are a VIP. Add “VIP” to your comments, and you get MORE entries for the prize drawings.


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Coming Soon . . .

Remember Ellory? The time machine inventor of 1863 Victorian England? The one who got himself shot when his machine couldn’t send him to anywhere beyond 1763 White’s GentleMen’s Club?

Remember Manuel? Ellory’s miscreant werewolf mate who has a penchant for ignoring rules and needing a firm hand to keep him in line?

Yes? You’re in for a treat in the near future.

No? Get your taste in last year’s Sci Spanks Anthology.

I’m bringing Ellory and Manuel back to you in this year’s Sci Spanks Event. Be ready, because Manuel can’t sleep, and a bored werewolf is nothing but trouble. The kind of trouble that leads to bullets and dungeons – but not the fun kind. 😉


What is Sci Spanks?

This is one of those “read great stuff, win great stuff” events.

  • On June 12th, a slew of award-winning authors will post free (FREE!) Sci Fi and Spec Fic stories on their blogs. We’ll give you a list of links, for easy finding. I’ve read some of what you’ll get – you’re in for a great time.
  • THEN — You just READ the stories and write some kind of COMMENT on them. Don’t let comments scare you – because EVERY comment enters you to win one of many prizes, from gift certificates to free books to a Kindle and more. (Seriously. A Kindle. Or equivalent Amazon Gift Certificate. Just for reading free stories.)

To get credit for your comments, so you can win the cool stuff, fill out this registration form.


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