Counting Sheep (Sci Spanks 2015)

Counting Sheep, the full story, will soon be available in the Sci Spanks 2015 Anthology – along with loads of other goodies. Comments on this post are from readers who were able to enjoy Counting Sheep when it was live. Want to know when the anthology is available? Subscribe to this blog to stay in the know.

Meanwhile, read Manuel and Ellory’s previous adventures:


18 Responses to “Counting Sheep (Sci Spanks 2015)”

  1. What a surprise this story was. Quirky, sexy, funny. I’m curious about the relationship, the neighbors knowledge and this contraption 😉

    • AFOdom AFOdom says:

      Thanks! You’ll get more on the relationship in the previous stories, too. Ellory’s contraptions are also a little . . . unstable, shall we say. 🙂

  2. Michelle Stevens says:

    I am going have to go find those other stories! Love these two and I’m curious as to what will happen.
    Michelle (VIP, A)

    • Michelle Stevens says:

      Oh, and if I could have any animal for a pet it would probably be a tiger. They are so beautiful and graceful. Though it would have to be tame and not eat my other animals…

      • AFOdom AFOdom says:

        So glad you like Manuel & Ellory! I have a lot of fun with them.

        Did you know Sigfried & Roy had their tigers so well trained that they were pretty much giant lap cats? Can you imagine a tiger walking around your house, rubbing against you for pets?

  3. Rose Hunt-Wolf says:

    Anne, love the ongoing storyline of Manuel and Ellory. I’m curious about how Releford knows of werewolves. Hrm… Looking forward to seeing how that turns out.

    If I could have any pet it would be a huge crow who can speak a few words and bring me shiny things. (You totally thought I was going to say an octopus.)

    • AFOdom AFOdom says:

      It’s funny, just the other day, I said “If I was really a shapeshifter, I’d probably end up being a crow. I’m too distracted by shiny things.”

  4. Nina says:

    Hi Anne, I have not thought of counting sheep the way you let Manuel do it. I enjoyed reading the sexy moment between Ellory and Manuel, before Releford stepped in. Seems like they are in trouble now, and I’ll read on as soon as the anthology is published. Thank you for the scene.

    Nina (vip)

  5. Mary M. says:

    Baaaa I would have a dragon of course! Private transport and hot dog cooker in one! I LOVED Manuel’s games with sheep formations LOL. That sheep tshirt rocks!


  6. What a cliffhanger! Nice to see them again and I can’t wait to read the anthology.
    I’m glad Manuel didn’t eat any of the sheep and the T-shirt is great 🙂
    I’d love a pet dolphin, but I’d need to be able to breathe underwater so we could explore the oceans together.

  7. SH says:

    How nice to visit with Ellory and Manuel again! Thanks! Can’t wait to read some more in the anthology! If I could choose any animal it would be a black panther, I have always loved them, sleek and powerful.

    SH VIP

  8. Ameliah Faith says:

    Oh wow, what a difficult question. I can’t choose just one… I would love a unipeg (Unicorn/Pegasus cross)and a jaguar and a hyena.

    The unipeg to take me to far away places or for the simple joy of riding. The Hyena because I have one for a spiritual guide and I would love having him for real. The Jaguar to make me feel safe and warm. with her beautiful coat, strong rippling muscles and mystical grace she will give me strength and courage.

    Thank you for the story.
    Ameliah Faith (VIP)

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