It’s All About Me

What’s going on here, anyway?

I started this blog because I needed somewhere to put flash fiction entries. All those screwy flash fiction contests, expecting you to have your own place to put your writing. Sheesh.

As things do, the site may be organically transforming into something more. By more, I mean “maybe I’ll make some posts that aren’t flash fiction.” Because I’m hilarious. And sexy. Right?

And who the hell am I?


Caution: I am not a nun.
I write stories. I make video games. I organize family adventures. I can be wildly inappropriate and brutally efficient. I am a new author, trying my hand at flash fiction and the occasional short story. I was honored to be published in The SciSpanks Anthology, featuring 14 other fantastic authors. While SciSpanks is a unique set of stories, I indulge in flash fiction of any genre. Which, you know, is why exists.

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