Packing Up

This is a story of Manuel the miscreant werewolf and his human mate, the intrepid inventor Ellory. They have made previous appearances in

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Meanwhile, enjoy another morsel of time with Ellory and Manuel.


January, 1864

Manuel propped his elbow on the arm of his “Alpha Seat” and rested his head against his fist. He bit back a yawn as his Beta, Gerald Worthington, continued plowing through the agenda.

“And as for the question of how far Mr. Tildon’s territory extends,” Worthington droned, “Mr. Barnes will be surveying the measurements this week and will report back on any discrepancies between the size of Mr. Tildon’s territory compared to the territories of the rest of the pack. At that point — “

Enough.” Manuel interrupted, pounding his fist on the arm of his oversized chair. “First it was which of us should attend which social events to keep up with London politics. Then it was whether we should invest in a pack tailor, to ensure all of us properly represent the pack – despite the fact that no one knows we exist. Now it’s equalizing territories by inches.” Every eye in the room had grown wide during his outburst. “I have decided this is the most boring pack in the history of packs.”

Several of the pale men turned red around the collar. Worthington cleared his throat. “As you know, Alpha Pilar — “

Manuel snorted. “Stop calling me that.”

Worthington hesitated only a blink before continuing, “Territory agreements are the primary way we reduce our need for succumbing to our vile natures and engaging in –”

Manuel held up a hand. “Werewolves don’t negotiate territory by contract and measurement. Our natures aren’t vile. And a dominance battle is good for the soul.” He waved at the cups around the room, “I am done with all this tea. And these meetings. And this resistance to accepting your true selves.”

Worthington turned red and trembled now. “Maybe you should have thought of that before you killed Alpha Gilman.”

Good. Anger is good.

“Ah, there is backbone in there after all. Excellent. And we all well know that Gilman is dead because he came after me for simply moving to London and having roots in Mexica. Had I known what I’d be in for with this pack, I might have let him kill me.”

“You — You — You — “ Worthington’s teeth dropped to points as long as Manuel’s index finger. “Dominance battles are good for the soul are they? Then it’s past time I challenge you!”

Enough control for a partial shift. Good, again.

“Well and good. I submit.” Manuel replied. Worthington blinked. “You be the Alpha. I’m going home.”

“To Mexica?” One of the pack members asked hopefully.

“No, you dimwit. To Bayswater.”

Back at the townhouse he shared with Ellory, Manuel crawled into bed next to his mate. Ellory sat against the headboard with his nose in a book full of math. Manuel curled up with this head on Ellory’s lap and growled in soft contentment when Ellory finger-combed his hair.

“How was the meeting?” Ellory asked.

“I quit.”

“Took longer than I expected.”

“I want to move to Wales.”

“To do what? Be the lone wolf in sheep country?”

“There’s a pack there.” Manuel picked at the blankets covering Ellory’s legs. “They don’t exactly like me yet, but I’m sure I can fix that.”

Ellory snorted, his nose still buried in his book, giving Manuel half an ear at best. “And my workshop?” He slid a hand inside the collar of Manuel’s shirt, kneading the muscles there.

Manuel nuzzled Ellory’s thigh and answered, “The home’s on plenty of land, so I took the liberty of having a second building designed just for you.”

“Mmmmm.” Ellory gently squeezed the back of Manuel’s neck, sending pleasant shivers down his spine before stopping short. “What home?”

“Our new one in Wales.”

“Our new home in — Manuel.”

Manuel turned his head to see Ellory’s face. “I love you?”

“Yes. And I’m going to love you right up until I strangle the life out of you.”

Manuel grinned. “I love it when you say nice things to me.”

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