Sensible Traveling

The impact with the hull rattled Bradbury’s false teeth. “Will you stop the infernal racket, Dominic?”

“Sorry sir, but them bicycles, sir, I keep tripping over them. If I just finish settin’ this mount in the overhead, we could get ‘em out the — “

“Bicycles, bicycles. I told you packing them was a fool’s idea.”

Dominic opened his mouth, slammed it shut, then cleared his throat. “Sir, I actually think it was you who insisted we bring — “

“Just look out there.” Bradbury waved to the nearest porthole. “Who rides a bike in the middle of space?”

Dominic cleared his throat again. “Um, I think Dee does sir.”

“What?” Bradbury turned to look outside, and they both watched in silence while Dee floated by on the blue bicycle. She pedaled like a mad thing. The old scientist harrumphed. “You, Dominic, are the only sensible person aboard this boat.”

“Aye, sir. I try.”

Submission for Flash! Friday – Vol 2 – 16.
Prompt: The picture below with a required incorporation of space travel


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