Taming The Wolf

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60 Responses to “Taming The Wolf”

  1. SLegend says:

    Wow! Loved that! So enticing.

  2. Maren Smith says:

    I enjoy shifter stories and, although not a steady fan of m/m, I think your Ellory and Manuel had real chemistry. The spanking was hot and sexy, just like it should be. 🙂

  3. bn100 says:

    maybe more power plays

    bn100candg at hotmail dot com

  4. Kelly Adams says:

    I believe if we looked five years in the future we would find Manuel intentionally leaving bite marks and fur in places just to get the correction from Ell seeing as he was rock hard during his spanking. I love M/M thanks so much for the excerpt!

    Kelly Adams VIP

  5. Eva says:

    Fun story.
    Let’s see – in five years they will have grown more comfortable with each other. There’d still be bickering, still trying to get the better of the other, but also a lot of making up afterwards.

  6. Dawn M says:


  7. AFOdom AFOdom says:

    I’m loving all these comments and ideas. 🙂

    Carole: “you’ve got a guy with a time machine and a werewolf boyfriend, and I BELIEVED EVERY WORD” THAT IS SO AWESOME – YAY!

    Pao – you make me think Ellory could at least give Manuel a “wolf bed in the time machine” as a gift sometime down the road.

    Barbara – I wrote this as a one-shot, but so many people (including me) are falling in love with them. I certainly feel encouraged to explore further. 🙂

  8. pao says:

    Mm, a wolf greeting you in a time machine after travelling through time! Five years down the road… Manuel seems quite the alpha, so I think they’d still instances of struggle with Ellory taking the lead, perhaps. Maybe they’ll also have a bigger time machine with a more flexible trajectory for the wolf to nap in 🙂

  9. Barbara McCormick says:

    Hmmm, in five years, I imagine we’ll see a somewhat better-behaved wolf, although hardly tamed! I would love to read more about these two; are you planning more stories of them?

  10. Oh. My. God. How much did I love this? I am instantly in love with these guys. I adored the banter, how real it all was. I mean, seriously–you’ve got a guy with a time machine and a werewolf boyfriend, and I BELIEVED EVERY WORD.

    It tasted like you?

    Bwah! *falls down* And the rest… Hokey smokes.

    In five years? I imagine the power struggle will still be ongoing. But mostly because it makes everything between them hotter. I think they both know that while Ellory’s a reasonable and tolerant person, there’s no question he’s the boss when it’s important to him. 😉

    I really, really loved it. Thank you so much for sharing.

  11. Marybeth says:

    Wow, great story! I think that they will be continuing on with the same dynamic. Manuel getting spanked by Ellory!

  12. Leigh Smith says:

    Five years down the road, I can’t image that there will be a great deal more of submission – it’s a game they both enjoy

  13. Jennifer says:

    It’d be interesting to see if Manuel is still pushing Ellory 5 years down the road…I have a feeling he will still be making Ellory work for his submission!

  14. Ameliah Faith says:

    What a good story! I really enjoyed it. I think that Manual and Ellory will still be locked in a battle of wills. Its too fun not to be.
    Ameliah Faith (W AMB)

  15. Riley says:

    This story has so many elements I like in my books. Time travel, shapeshifters, romance and smart alecky conversations! So, I hope there is more of the same in Manual’s and Ellory’s future.

  16. AFOdom AFOdom says:

    Kyra – thanks for reading! I have to admit that prior to SciSpanks, I’d never read any spanking fiction. To write it, I had to go read a bunch of it, and it definitely pushed the boundaries of my comfort zone. I know what that feels like, and I really appreciate you going ahead and giving this a read.

  17. KaGe says:

    Oh hot snippet. That was great. In five years Ellory is going to get his time machine working, just to come back to Manuel in it as a wolf again. Manuel doesn’t learn his lesson. Oh Darn!

  18. Steph F. says:

    I want more now, hehe. Loved it. I would like to see them grow into a deep and meaningful relationship and of course a lot more steamy time.


  19. kyra says:

    I usually do not read m/m romances. If I do it usually is m/m/f with my focus being on the m/f/m aspects. I read this excerpt and enjoyed it but still uncomfortable with genre. However to answer the question I believe that in 5 years time there will still be a power struggle going on.

  20. Anna V Jones says:

    Amazing story! This is the first M/M I have read and I will definitely be looking into some others!

    In five years I would see things much the same. I would say that because of his place in the pack, Manuel will still be the master outside of the workshop and the bedroom. However, I would say that Ellory would likely be the boss in the workshop and the bed. Although, I do see Manuel pushing Ellory’s buttons to get a similar reaction as the one above.

    Great story! Hope to read more!
    W, Amb, annajones389@gmail.com

  21. Love to see a dominant wolf in the submissive position! I think in five years, the Alpha will come home and turn into a submissive. Though, I’m not sure how his wolf will feel about that.

    Jessica E. Subject VIP W
    jessicasubject.writer at gmail dot com

  22. Teresa says:

    Loved it! Thx for posting 🙂

  23. Ashley says:

    Ok so I LOVE shifter books. And I must say, there is just something just, extra titillating about m/m books. I would definitely be interested in reading the rest of this book! I think in five years they will still be arguing the safety of the time machine, over who rules the roost, and they will still be just as steamy together

  24. Sarah says:

    I’ve never read a m/m story. Very intense and hot.
    Really enjoyed the power play

  25. AFOdom AFOdom says:

    Joelle – this is my first exploration of Ellory and Manuel, but I do want to spend more time with them. 🙂

    Nurse Myra – Werewolves are my weakness.

    And yes, to all who wonder what would change in a pack dynamic. Perhaps that’s what I’ll play with next!

  26. oh my, Anne! I absolutely want more of these two! Please tell me there’s more?

    VIP W Amb

  27. Nurse Myra says:

    Love this story because I really love time travel and I really love werewolves! Also a little steaminess never hurts. Thank you for sharing.

  28. joyce says:


  29. SH says:

    I enjoyed that excerpt! I think 5 years down the road their relationship would probably be very much the same, quite a bit of fun for both!

    SH VIP shavro6@gmail.com

  30. kerry says:

    great excerpt. I love m/m stories–especially when both men are strong. 😀 I, too, would love to see how they would act in the pack dynamic. I’ll bet dominance would shift… W

  31. Sara Gomez says:

    All i can say is Wow!
    Not what I expected form the title
    Kept me wanting to see who would relinquish
    control to his mate.

  32. AFOdom AFOdom says:

    Thanks so much, Ana – and indeed I did put some elbow grease into it. This is the power strong beta readers and a good editor bring to a writer. They pull out my best, even when *I’m* not sure I can find it.

  33. Wow, Anne! You worked *hard* on this story since I saw the first version. I love the changes you made to it, and I love the care you’ve taken with all the details. The passion and subtle interplay between the characters is wonderful. I love the tension of “Don’t order me, ask me.” Well done. Happy Sci Spanks!

  34. Very nice. I think they will be getting even hotter 5 years down the road. Shifters rock. Great story!!


    Erzabet Bishop

  35. Holy hell, HOT! Was there a question, I totally missed it. I just went right to the story!! Wait, I went back and had a look. I say we see two lovers just as in love as they are today.

  36. AFOdom AFOdom says:

    Eddie – there is definitely a comedic aspect to never *truly* having a working time machine that I would enjoy playing with.

    Rose – TIME PIRATES. Yes. And this is why we write together.

    Ashley – I, myself, can’t ever read enough shifter books to fulfill my appetite. So glad you enjoyed the story!

  37. Ashley says:

    Ok so I LOVE shifter books. And I must say, there is just something just, extra titillating about m/m books. I would definitely be interested in reading the rest of this book! I think in five years they will still be arguing the safety of the time machine, over who rules the roost, and they will still be just as steamy together!

  38. Rose Hunt-Wolf says:

    In five years Ellory and Manuel will have been through many trials which have conspired to pull them apart. Ellory’s obsessive tinkering and Manuel’s interfering pack drive them apart. But when Manuel receives a distress call across space and time from his beloved Ellory, he joins a treacherous band of time pirates as the only way to reach his true mate. And when he does, there will be spankings aplenty.


  39. Eddie Little Bear says:

    While M/M fiction is not a genre a normally read, I have to admit the Sci-Fi/Steampunk aspect of this does intrigue me and I probably would finish reading it.

    As far as 5 years down the road, I get the feeling Ellory will still be tinkering with his Time Machine, trying to get it to work right. Possibly going other places than the Gentleman’s Club, but maybe with little or no control over where or when. And while he will never truly tame Manuel, I can foresee them continuing the D/s play (in private anyway). And, speaking from personal experience, some of the most enjoyable submissives are or the ones that can’t be tamed.

    nakohese@gmail.com W

  40. AFOdom AFOdom says:

    Catrina – A lingering question Ellory will eventually have to confront: Does he want a wolf who’s truly tamed?

  41. Catrina says:

    Manuel reads as far too alpha to ever be truly tamed by Ellory, but given how responsive Manuel was to Ellory’s attempts at dominance I can see them being in a place in their relationship in 5 years time where spanking have become a regular part of their sexual routine.

  42. Very intense scene! Like playing with fire! I think that perhaps in five years the machine will let them transport to different times and places… Thanks for sharing!


  43. AFOdom AFOdom says:

    Oh my, Kathryn, thanks for the compliment. And yes, I think there’s a balancing act that will forever be a sticking point/pleasure source/fine line between them.

  44. Wow! I think these two are more evenly matched than they realize. As a wolf, Manuel considers Ellory to be part of his pack, and he doesn’t appear to be beta, so I’m assuming he will want to assume the alpha position. In fact, it took all his willpower to submit to Ellory. Manuel doesn’t like to ask, he likes to order, and Ellory has had “conversations” with him about his tendency before. When Manuel did add please and make his order a request, I got the impression he was merely humoring Ellory. Not sure if Manuel will ever take a strop to Ellory, but I think he will assert his dominance. Great excerpt, Anne, with intriguing characters.

  45. Kristin Elyon says:

    Wow! That was intense! I loved that last line! “Far from done…” mmm!!

    Thank you so much for participating!
    My email is kristinelyon@live.com
    W Abm

  46. AFOdom AFOdom says:

    Renee – the magic of an alternate history and alternate science mixed with paranormal is the ability to get away with whatever you like. Consistency within that world is the true fundamental requirement.

    Ellory is human and Manuel is a werewolf. I’m definitely intrigued by the idea of contextual shifts of power between Ellory and Manuel. I’ve been toying with it in my mind since writing the piece. Ellory has only established his dominance in the workshop, after all. How does that change in a variety of situations? Does it? Lots of pondering to do, isn’t there? 🙂

  47. Renee M says:

    I just loved this story. m/m is new for me but this was just as hot as f/f or m/f. And it was hot. I think in 5 years Ellory will have most of the kinks worked out of his machine and Manuel will be traveling with him. Is one or both a switch? Then when they are together with pack members Manuel would be in charge and when the are traveling Ellory is boss. Can it work that way? Thanks for the story really enjoyed it.

  48. Melody says:

    5 years from now, Manuel would still be challenging Ellory.

  49. AFOdom AFOdom says:

    I love that my story is offering people the opportunity to expand their reading. I remember the first time I read M/M. I, too, was a pleasantly surprised at how hot it was.

    Corrine – “jockeying for position”. You are cracking me up.

    Thank you so much, Laura. And I, too, wondered about pack visits while I was writing. Ellory’s made himself master of the workshop, certainly. But the world and their experiences are so much bigger than that, right?

  50. Laura says:

    Squelched, plucked bowstring – I love how your words invoke wonderful images. In 5 years, i could still see them jockeying for position in their relationship. It appears that Manuel is high up in his pack. I wonder what would happen when they visited the pack and Ellory became Manuel’s pet. Thanks for this great snippet. laurah2727@yahoo.com. VIP

  51. I think the fire will still be there, they strike me as a couple who’ll keep it well tended 😉 oliviastarke@ymail.com

  52. Corinne (w) says:

    Love the power play going on; I think their future would be full of more jockeying for position… in more ways than one; Time travel leaves so many options open; Or maybe they could go back to Whites and change their attitude!

  53. Cat says:

    Wow Anne…that was hot! This is also my first m/m story and I really enjoyed it. In five years…hmmm…I think the time machine will be fixed and Ellory and Manuel will be traveling together along with the strap. I think Manuel will still be playful and thinking he is invincible due to his wolf and Ellory will have to corral and correct him. Looking forward to reading more about these two. 😉

    Cat VIP AMB
    catsbrighteyes (at) gmail dot com

  54. Amber says:

    I can imagine the feelings they have and understanding getting much deeper. They will push each other and goad but still there will love and play

  55. AFOdom AFOdom says:

    Heather – I love that you thought backwards and forwards. Your thoughts about five years ago made me wonder — what if Ellory was the initial pursuer? What would that be like?

    Amanda – I can definitely see Manuel refusing to learn any lessons whatsoever. And certainly, YES, on the traveling companion. 😉

  56. In five years time, Manuel will still be leaving teeth marks and wolf hair in the dubious time machine. Perhaps they’ll both travel back to the White man’s Club with Manuel in wolf form and he’ll eat them all! Maybe the time machine doesn’t work for another location until Manuel has despatched all the idiots. Plus they have to travel together – what good is an adventure without someone to enjoy it with? (Just ask The Doctor!)


  57. Heather Fortman says:

    See that just completely threw me for a loop and I answered wrong LOL Man! Ok so try again!!! In the future there’d be several more tests for Ellory and Manuel. Mostly between the two of them. He’d have his machine fixed and able to port to other places instead of just the gentelmans club, however there’d of course have to be a ruckus while testing it and landing at least once more into trouble, causing Manuel to save him


  58. Heather Fortman says:

    Holy wow that was hot! As for the question.. hold on I have to get my brain working again! I think if we went back 5 years into the past we’d find that Ellory was working on his time machine while Manuel was working on Ellory. Both would possibly be fighting the attraction to each other as they worked side by side


  59. AFOdom AFOdom says:

    Hi, Laural – you say such nice things! This is my first exploration with Ellory and Manuel, and only one of a handful of forays into “man love”. I’m glad you enjoyed it, and I like your imaginings. 🙂

  60. Laurel Lasky says:

    Wow. This is the first man love I’ve read. It just as sexy and erotic as FF and m/f . I love it. I think in five years the relationship will be the same with the arguing and playing with each other but their feeling for each other will grow and become deeper. The discipline will continue. I would love to see a full length novel. This short story is awesome.

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